Our Services

Australia's Health P/L provides consultancy and research services

for the design, delivery and evaluation of health and social services policy and programs. 

Policy and program design

Australia's Health promotes responsive, accountable and effective policy and program design. We have particular expertise in developing evidence-based solutions informed by stakeholder perspectives.

Our company provides services to a wide range of health policy and program stakeholders within the Australian health system. Our clients include Commonwealth, State and Territory government agencies, professional, service provider and community organisations, including those representing heath consumers and carers.  

Implementation support

We recognise the implementation challenges for all health stakeholders in achieving quality service delivery within complex, changing environments and the broad spectrum of health needs. We aim to assist continuous quality improvement in the development of people, organisations and service delivery.

Australia's Health offers support through relevant and practical tools ranging from workshop and meeting facilitation to strategic and operational planning and review.   

Review and evaluation

Our services extend to the independent review and evaluation of health policy, programs and services. We are familiar with a wide range of evaluation tools and design projects which are effective, efficient, appropriate and relevant for both the client and the evaluation participants.

Our experience includes the collation and interpretation of complex qualitative and qualitative data as well as extensive fieldwork in communities and service delivery settings. 

Project Management

Australia’s Health has wide experience in managing and contributing to complex research and consultancy projects, running over extended time periods. We are experienced managers and participants in multi-disciplinary teams focussed on delivery of agreed outcomes within scheduled timeframes.

We aim to be constructive, efficient and effective in working with client project managers, governance and advisory groups, stakeholders, providers and service users.

Stakeholder consultation

We have a history of effective consultation and collaboration with all health system stakeholders, including government, consumers, carers, service providers, community and professional organisations and industry.

We are experienced in multiple consultation methods including face-to-face and telephone stakeholder interview; self-report and interviewer completed survey and questionnaire; nominal groups and focus groups; document and literature review; structured group meeting, workshops and conferences.

Evidence research

Australia’s Health has well-developed skills in the design and conduct of multi-method research projects. Through our access to extensive national and international database resources, contemporary information technology and wide knowledge of the Australian health care community, we aim to bring evidence into practice.

We are familiar with the use of descriptive, parametric, non-parametric and inferential statistical procedures suitable for different levels of data, and with the conduct of ethical research, including guidelines, ethical clearance, and privacy principles and legislation.