Our Skills

We are experienced senior consultants who achieve quality outcomes in policy,
program and service development for diverse stakeholders

Established for over 25 years

Australia’s Health P/L was established in 1990 by the two Directors of the company: Mr Tony Wade (RN, BA, M.Admin) and Dr Derek Weir (RN, BA, BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD).
We work as a solo consultancy practice and in consortia with other consultants and researchers grouped to meet the specific needs of clients and assignments.

Achieving quality outcomes

Our company has a demonstrated commitment to quality assurance, efficient management of resources, and the delivery of agreed project outcomes within scheduled timeframes.
Our clients include national, State and Territory governments as well as consumer, carer, professional and industry organisations.

In policy, programs and services

Contemporary health and social services are complex activities occurring in a complex environment.
From planning, through implementation and review, our independent research and consultancy can assist clients with evidence-based solutions informed by stakeholder perspectives.

For diverse stakeholders

We have a particular interest in assisting effective communication between the various stakeholders in the health system including consumers and their carers, service providers, program and policy developers.
We have a record of successfully engaging these multiple stakeholders in project goals.